Nitric Oxide builds muscle

How To Safely Boost Muscle Size and Strength

Reading the sports news these days, we are constantly bombarded with news of top notch athletes being exposed for using illegal steroids.

Steroid use involves huge costs, legal issues and above all, potential health problems. With such risks, you wonder why anyone would be tempted to go this route.

Medical researchers have gained a new understanding of how the human body builds muscle and endurance. They are developing safe and legal substances which can increase the body’s ability to build muscle, without the health risks associated with steroids.

One of the most interesting fields of research surrounds a naturally occurring chemical compound called Nitric Oxide. Nitric Oxide is a vasodilator which means it helps move oxygen to the muscles when they need it most. Increased Nitric Oxide in the blood stream signals the blood vessel walls to relax which allows more blood to flow to the body’s muscles, thus delivering more oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.

Your body naturally increases Nitric Oxide during workouts, but only a limited amount. Researchers have determined that by artificially increasing your Nitric Oxide levels, you can significantly increase oxygen and nutrient flow to the muscles during workouts and safely spark powerful muscle growth, muscle definition and strength.

The best way to increase the levels of Nitric Oxide in the body is through the introduction of “arginines”, special amino acids specifically linked to Nitric Oxide production. One of the most powerful and natural Arginine blends is found a product called Force Factor.

The founders of Force Factor met as teammates on the Harvard University Championship Crew Team. Competitive rowing is one of the most physically demanding sports. The friends decided to look for a supplement that was safe, legal and affordable that they could use to enhance their size, strength and endurance. Unable to find what they were looking for on the market, they set out to develop something from scratch and the result was Force Factor. Today, ProArgi9 is the recognized leader in Nitric Oxide stimulation and safe muscle and strength enhancement.

According to the company, Pro Argi-9 maximizes your muscle gains as you power through your workouts and is used by many professional athletes.
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