Get off the bottle!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Yes, the Rice brothers are Irish. Multi-Pure was “green” long before it ever became fashionable to be green. We’re very proud of our carbon blocks which use materials that are biodegradable and come from renewable resources.

To celebrate today’s GREEN theme, we thought it would be appropriate to announce that Multi-Pure is a happy sponsor of the “Get Off The Bottle” Tour, which begins next week on World Water Day!

The award-winning documentary “Tapped” is embarking on an eco-aggressive 30-day/30-city cross country tour to get Americans “Off the Bottle.” Plastic water bottle, that is. Beginning World Water Day (March 22nd) Tapped’s Producer Sarah Olson and Director Stephanie Soechtig will take their mobile showroom on the road, collecting pledges from people to reduce their bottled water use and trading empty plastic water bottles for reusable stainless steel Klean Kanteens. This mobile translucent recycling container will begin the “Get Off The (h20) Bottle” tour in Los Angeles with an empty cabin that will be filled with the public’s empty water bottles by the time the team ends up in New York City on Earth Day (April 22nd, 2010).

Director Stephanie Soechtig says about the tour, “1,500 bottles of water end up in landfills every second – that’s 30 million bottles of water a day! We wanted to show people just how much waste is generated by bottled water – so if that means we have to drive city to city to get the point across than that’s what we’ll do!”

The tour – consisting of 30 scheduled screenings of Tapped followed by a town hall Q & A – will kick off in Los Angeles on March 22nd en route to New York City. The Tapped truck can be tracked online as the Tapped website will be overhauled – featuring celebrity guest columns by Ed Begley Jr and David de Rothschild, a public service announcement by Grammy Winner Jack Johnson, and daily videos and bonus clips from the film.

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