Be Prepared

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month

Multi-Pure Want’s You To Be Prepared

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month

As   Hurricane Earl moves toward Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands,   the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) is closely monitoring the   storm and stands ready to support commonwealth and territorial   officials in the region to ensure they have the resources to respond if   needed.

According to the National Hurricane Center (NHC), Earl is  now a  Category 3 hurricane.  FEMA continues to urge everyone in the  region to  take steps now to ensure they are prepared for possible  severe weather,  and remember that hurricanes and tropical storms  frequently bring flash  flooding as well.  Anyone can visit to learn more about how to prepare for an emergency.  A Spanish version of the website is available at

The  Department of Homeland Security recommends that every family have  at  least one Emergency Preparedness Kit no matter where they live.    Multi-Pure’s kit is unique in that it includes our EF8 Emergency Filter   which will allow you to have quality filtered water when there is no   water pressure.

To help more families get prepared, Multi-Pure is  offering all  customers who purchase one of our emergency preparedness  kits a FREE  Emergency Water Filter (EF8) until the end of September.   September is  National Emergency Preparedness month!

Our Emergency Kit and Gift have a value of $215…your price in the month of September is only $99.95.  That is a $115 savings!

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Multi-Pure’s Emergency Preparedness Kit!


Disasters  happen anytime, anywhere and when they strike you may not have much  time to respond.  A highway spill of hazardous material or the threat of  terrorism could mean instant evacuation.  A winter storm or pandemic  could confine your family at home.  An earthquake, flood, wildfire, or  tornado could cut off basic services such as gas, electricity and  telephones for days.  A trucker’s strike or impending hurricane could  mean grocery store shelves become empty within hours.

Multi-Pure  wants to help you and your loved ones be prepared!  We are proud to  present our new Emergency Preparedness Kit, designed to include the  basics for survival for 72 hours and featuring the EF8 Emergency Filter  (the same carbon block filter technolgy as the CB6 and CB5).  The peace  of mind that comes from being prepared is worth the time it takes to  plan ahead.

Order Your Kit Today!

$175 Value for ONLY $99.95
(Limited time offer)

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