What’s coming out of YOUR faucet?
What’s coming out of YOUR faucet?

Do you ever watch the Dr. Oz Show on TV? One of his program’s topic was entitled, “Is Your Water Causing Cancer?”


During the show he talked about the dangerous health effects of Chromium 6, Perchlorate, and heavy metals such as Lead and Arsenic in our nation’s drinking water.

His recommendations were:
1. Check your water.

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2. Or call your municipality or local health department.
3. Get a water filter.

Dr. Oz also addressed health concerns of bottled water. Did you realize that 25% of bottled water is TAP WATER? Did you know that the bottled water industry does not have good regulation and is, in fact, less regulated than tap water?

Talk to your friends and neighbors about the show and teach them why Multi-Pure is the best solution to all of these health contaminants and water concerns!

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