How would you like to take advantage of an amazing “Ground Floor” opportunity? We hear this expression quite often in the network marketing industry. It refers to joining a direct selling organization at its initial stage. It is used to attract people by emphasizing the importance of joining earlier than later. It is based on a claim that those who join earlier will have better earning opportunities.

First of all, whether the company will be around in the future, paying out the commissions to the organization, is much more important than its being new on the block!

Multi-Pure recently celebrated its 40th anniversary! While we’re definitely not the new kids on the block, there has never been a better time to become a Multi-Pure distributor! Why?

* More people are aware of the health contaminants in their drinking water and are looking for a water filter solution.

* More people are aware of the environmental cost to plastic water bottles and are looking for a more “green” filter solution.

* President Obama encouraged all Americans in a recent press release to purchase a water filter to safeguard their health.

* In a tough economy, more people are looking for a less expensive alternative to bottled water.

The fact is, more people want clean, safe drinking water and are willing to pay for it, but simply don’t know where to go to get it! By helping people pay less for filtered water, protect the environment, and get the highest quality water on the market today, our distributors earn great commission!

Whether you joined Multi-Pure 20 years ago or yesterday, you still have an incredible opportunity to earn great money by helping others! You can make just as much money as someone else who took advantage of the Multi-Pure business opportunity many years ago!

Do you know anyone who drinks water? Of course you do! You can become a successful Multi-Pure distributor part-time or full-time! Contact your local distributor or call us at 1-386 437-7019 to find out how.
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Carole Allen

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