KB Vision Registration Form

You’ll enjoy the prestige of being able to offer Pure 999.9% 24 kt Gold as as Investment to people around the World. Many of your Customers will be ‘average’ people, that never thought they could afford the Luxury of building a Gold Savings Portfolio! And, you will be giving many of these people the chance to earn sizeable Commissions from this same Golden opportunity that you are joining up with Today! Join KB Gold Now!
use 87061 as user name
Join NOW As a Free KB Gold Franchisee, to Enjoy:
It’s Completely FREE to Become a KB Edelmetall Gold Agent!
Complete Freedom from Fees Obligations or Commitments
No Required Purchases or Sales Quotas
No Stocking or Delivery of Products
FREE Back Office to view Downline & Sales/Purchases
Work for Yourself, from Home — No Boss!
Signup other Agents around the World
Offer easily affordable Gold Plans starting at Only €50 per month
Start/Stop or Change Savings Plan as Needed
Sell Gold & Gold Savings Plans in Countries that are ‘Open’
Earn Commissions up to €670 per initial Customer order
Earn up to 5.5% Residual Bonus Monthy on Plans & One-Time Sales
Free Secure Gold Storage in Switzerland
Best Sell Back Price Guarantee – Quick Cash Back on Sale
Discount spread on Purchase or Sell Back of €3,000 & up
Free first Delivery on accumulated or One-Time €3,000 purchase
Get PAID in either GOLD or CASH, Your Choice!
Join KB Gold Now!

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