Think you DON’T need a water filter? Think again!

California waterways receive terrible rating
California waterways receive terrible rating

Think you DON’T need a water filter? Think again!
According to a new state list of polluted waterways, more than 90% of Californians live within 10 miles of a severely polluted waterway. The State Water Resources Control Board is required to create a list of seriously polluted water bodies every two years, known as the “303(d) list,” after Section 303(d) of the Clean Water Act.
The list is compiled based on water quality monitoring data that show which waters are too polluted for activities that Californians used to be able to enjoy, such as fishing, swimming, boating or surfing. Today, the State Water Board is expected to formally adopt the 2008/2010 303(d) list, which shows that more than 1,700 California beaches, rivers, lakes, and coastal waters are severely polluted, or “impaired.”
“The new list reflects a staggering water pollution problem in California,” says California Coastkeeper Alliance’s Tom Lyons, who has spent the last several months analyzing the 303(d) list, creating maps of impaired waterways, and training communities throughout California about the listing process. He adds, “It shows just how far California is from realizing the Clean Water Act’s promise of fishable, swimmable, drinkable waterways almost four decades after the Act was signed into law.”
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