Distributor Demonstration

In addition to having a Multi-Pure Drinking Water System (your own countertop unit or a demonstration unit) you will need to use the following items when conducting a demo:
    •    OTO Solution (available at your local pool supply store or
    •    Product Brochures
    •    Paper Towels
    •    White Demo cups or clear glasses
Step 1: Connecting the Unit
Go into your or your prospect’s kitchen and connect the unit to the faucet. Let the water run through the system for about one minute. While connecting the unit to the kitchen faucet, talk about the three stages of filtration – you may use the cut-away filter to help with the explanation. Offer them a product brochure or specification sheet and let them know that this information is in the brochure which they may keep.
    •    The outer wrap serves as a prefilter and traps large particles by mechanical strain- ing and electrokinetically adsorbing colloidal particles too small for mechanical filtration.
    •    The compacted solid carbon block filter mechanically filters particles down to 0.5 micron and adsorbs chlorine, and a wide range of pesticides and chemicals, as well as lead and mercury.
    •    The white post-filter provides integral strength and prevents material degradation.
Step 2: Cloudiness of Water Test
Demonstrate the cloudiness (or turbidity) of water by filling one clear tall glass with tap water and a second tall glass with Multi-Pure water. Let your customer look into the glasses from the top; in most cases, the difference in clarity is quite visible.
Step 3: The OTO Test
Using OTO you can illustrate the presence of chlorine in the tap water and the ability of the Multi-Pure System to reduce chlorine. Before conducting the chlorine test, explain the difference between having chlorine present and having no chlorine in the water (note: OTO is not effective for testing for the presence of chloramines).
Chlorine is added to the tap water to kill harmful bacteria and other pathogens. Most people don’t want to drink chlorinated water because it tastes bad, and it may create harmful by-products known to be cancer-causing, like trihalomethanes. The Multi-Pure System reduces the chlorine and/or chloramines as well as the trihalomethanes.
If there is no chlorine in the tap water, there is no protection from microscopic organisms. Point out that the Multi-Pure unit reduces microscopic organisms as well as certain other contaminants (which are not visible and have no taste or odor) that may be found in drinking water, such as asbestos, lead mercury, cysts, volatile organic compounds, trihalomethanes, PCB, chlordane, toxaphene, MTBE.
Be sure to use white plastic testing cups or clear glasses for this demonstration. Do Not Taste the Water in the Test Cups/Glasses.
    •    Fill one cup with tap water
    •    Add 3 to 5 (no more than 5) drops of OTO and stir. If chlorine is in the water, it will react with the OTO and turn a shade of yellow or green.
    •    If the water does not turn yellow, there is no chlorine; therefore, it is not necessary to proceed with the test. o If the water turns yellow or green, chlorine is present. Explain that chlorine is great for killing bacteria but most people do not want to drink chlorinated water. Proceed with the test by demonstrating the capabil- ity of the Multi-Pure System to reduce chlorine.
    •    Fill the second test cup with water from the Multi-Pure System and add 3 to 5 (no more than 5) drops of OTO and stir (using a different spoon). The Multi-Pure System effectively reduces chlorine and will be crystal clear. Test the water again to demonstrate the effectiveness of the Multi-Pure unit to reduce the chlorine!
    •    Compare the crystal clear Multi-Pure water to the colored tap water and ask your customer which water they want to drink.
Step 4: Odor and Taste Test
Fill one glass with Multi-Pure water. Let your customer smell the water and then drink the Multi-Pure water. Then fill a glass with tap water and let them smell and drink the tap water. Ask them which water tastes better. With Multi-Pure you can taste the difference!
Step 5: Ask for the Order (See Getting Started Section).

     •    How to conduct a home demonstration
    •    Time Payment Plan
    •    National Rental Program
    •    Demo Program
    •    Demo Kits for Distributors
    •    Replacement filter re-order options
    •    Public Exhibit and Support Program
    •    Distributor Promotional Program

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