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 Business Opportunity

Download Complete 
Distributor Handbook
Print Your Own Business Cards
Print Your Own 
Return Address Labels
Print Your Own Postcards
Download BR201
Your Door to Opportunity
    •    Creation of an Opportunity
    •    Distributor Benefits
    •    Distributor Compensation Plan
    •    Distributor Earnings
    •    Distributor Incentive Prices
    •    How Multi-Pure Products Commission
    •    Founders’ Circle and Executive Council
    •    Master Builder Packages
    •    Make a Difference
    •    Sponsoring
    •    Bonuses and Maximize your Earnings
    •    Getting Started
    •    Marketing with the Power of the Internet
    •    Distributor Programs
-How to conduct a home demonstration
-Time Payment Plan (Installment Orders)
-National Rental Program (Rental Orders)
-Demo Unit Program
-Demo Kit for Distributors
-Replacement filter re-order options
-Public Exhibit and Support Program
-Distributor Promotional Program

    •    Terrific Tools for Your Multi-Pure Business

    •    40 Innovative Ways to Do Your Business

    •    Frequently Asked Questions 

    •    Ordering Information
    •    Commission Processing
    •    Sample of text for ads/banners/business cards/posters
    •    Tips for Success
-How to Get Started
-How to Start a Conversation
-Tips For Success
    •    Tidbits for Getting to the Top
    •    Policies and Procedures
-Terms and Conditions
-Code of Ethics
-Advertising Guidelines
    •    Multi-Pure Corporation Telephone Directory
    •    Current Events at Multi-Pure
    •    Automatic Deposit of Commission Checks Now Available

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