A link between climate change and extreme weather Never. – YouTube.flv

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Water Too Much or Too Little
Heat waves, droughts, blizzards and the the rest of the year’s U.S. record-breaking extreme weather, likely enjoyed a boost from global warming, suggests a climate report.

Meehl / NCAR

Hurricane Irene this year pushed the U.S. yearly record for billion-dollar natural disasters to 10, smashing the 2008 record of nine. In the “Current Extreme Weather and Climate Change” report,

Multi-Pure Urges Families to Have an Emergency Plan and Kit in Place Before Disaster Strikes

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month. Whether the emergency is manmade or natural, the devastating results can be the same. Independent Multi-Pure distributor #424948 Carole Allen reminds Americans just weeks after the sixth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina that taking a couple minutes to prepare now can keep loved ones safe in the event of an emergency.

Crystal Clean Drinking Water
Quote startKnowing where to meet and what to grab in case of an emergency greatly improves a family’s chance of making it through whatever emergency arises safe and sound. Another step families can take is being aware of what is in their water.Quote end

As the hurricane and wildfire seasons winds down, the need to be prepared remains urgent. Winter storms are just around the corner. Independent Multi-Pure distributor #424948 Carole Allen advises families to celebrate September being National Emergency Preparedness Month by getting together as a family and making sure they have an emergency plan in place.
Knowing where to meet and what to grab in case of an emergency greatly improves a family’s chance of making it through whatever emergency arises safe and sound. One easy step insures a family’s chances. Another step families can take is being aware of what is in their water.
A U.S. Geological Survey study -found that the most frequently detected contaminants in water are:

  • cholesterol (plant and animal steroid)
  • DEET (insect repellent)
  • caffeine (stimulant)-
  • triclosan (antimicrobial disinfectant)
  • tri(2-chloroethyl)phosphate (fire retardant)
  • pharmaceuticals

Multi-Pure drinking water systems take those contaminants out so that when people go to drink that crystal clear water it is nothing more than H20. Consumers Digest has repeatedly named Multi-Pure a “Best Buy”. NSF International, The Public Health and Safety Company™, certified that Multi-Pure removes the largest range of contaminants of all water filtering systems.
Florida-based Allen offers the full range of Multi-Pure products for both home and office through her website http://www.crystalcleandrinkingwater.com . After retiring from teaching, Allen started with her goals to help provide pure clean water to children of the undeveloped world, to help point out the benefits of drinking lots of clean, pure water, and to impress how important it is to stop the use of plastic water bottles. Just one Multi-Pure cartridge replaces up to 12,000 plastic bottles from ending up in landfills or oceans.
Currently Allen is running several internet specials available through her company website. She offers a range of filtering systems for every budget level. Each system removes a wide range of contaminants while leaving the beneficial minerals behind. Unlike traditional water pitcher filters, Multi-Pure filters need to be changed just once a year compared to every three months. Thus saving time while getting all the benefits of clean water.
For more information contact:
Carole Allen

Multi-Pure ® NSF Certified Drinking Water Systems Don’t Pay Retail – Use 424858-disc. For Huge Savings. Lifetime Warranty. http://www.multipureusa.com/callen

A Better Way To Water
Multi-Pure has been the leader in the drinking water industry Consumers Digest Best Buy!Known for high quality and superior performance, Multi-Pure’s filters have been tested to reduce the widest range of contaminants.
Enjoy cleaner more delicious water with the Multi-Pure Stainless Steel MP750SB Under Sink Water Filter. It is tested and certified to reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern. This versatile unit can sit on the cabinet floor or be  mounted on the cabinet wall with a bracket.  The system uses its own chrome designer faucet which is installed directly on your sink, requiring little space. It may be connected to an ice maker using an ice maker tee, and it may be converted to a counter top unit with the purchase of a conversion kit.

If you are interested in a lucrative business opportunity with Multi-Pure please look at
Please watch the 12 minute presentation and then call me for more information  at 386 437 7019  866 204 2327 or email me crystalcleandrinkingwaterallen@gmail.com and I will show you how to sign up at no cost to you.

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