Fluoride in Our Water – Is it Really Necessary?

Fluoride in Our Water – Is it Really Necessary?
Jodie Jasper
Fluoride is not an essential nutrient; it is a chemical which is specifically added to the water for medicinal purposes, to prevent tooth decay. Fluoride comes from erosion of natural deposits; discharge from fertilizers & aluminum factories.  The same chemicals’ used to fluoridate water are essentially a hazardous by-product of the fertilizer industry.
Fluoride was once recommended as an additive to water to help prevent tooth decay.   Those water fluoridation benefits have been greatly exaggerated.  Studies show that there is no difference in the number of tooth decay cases from a fluoridated country to a non-fluoridated country.  These studies show that cavities do not increase when fluoridation stops and that fluoridation does not prevent oral health crisis in low-income areas.
Some fluoride facts from fluoridealert.org are the following:  Flouride has minimal benefit if ingested, with higher risks of damage to the body.  Fluoride is no longer recommended for babies.  In November of 2006 the American Dental Association instituted an interim policy and advised that parents and caregivers using an infant formula that needs to be reconstituted should consider using water that has no or low levels of fluoride (<0.3ppm).”   Breast milk has a fluoride level of .007 ppm.
Risks associated in infants (and even adults if in high enough doses) are a high risk of dental fluorosis or permanent tooth defects; damage to body cells, which include brain damage and learning deficits, are a few concerns to mention.
There is mounting evidence from studies done through NRC (National Research Council) that says fluoride can cause brain damage; fluoride can reduce thyroid functions, which, in turn can lead to loss of mental acuity, depression & weight gain.  Fluoride can reduce bone strength & increase bone fracturing.
Harvard scientists have discovered a connection between fluoride ingestion and osteosarcoma (serious form of bone cancer).  These scientists have also discovered people with kidney disease have a susceptibility to fluoride toxicity.
Now, how do you avoid fluoride in your drinking water?    Filtration alone will not remove fluoride, however, reverse osmosis is an effective treatment process to reduce fluoride. 

Our Model MP750 Aqua RO combines Multipure’s renowned carbon block filter technology with the reverse osmosis technology, making it the most technologically advanced System in the world today.The Multipure MP750 Aqua RO is the only device certified under NSF/ANSI Standards 42, 53, and 58 to reduce: Nitrates/Nitrate, Arsenic V, Chloramine, PCBs, Toxaphene, Chlordane, Lead, Mercury, fluoride etc.

A Better Way To Water
Multipure has been the leader in the drinking water industry Consumers Digest Best Buy!Known for high quality and superior performance, Multipure’s filters have been tested to reduce the widest range of contaminants.
Enjoy cleaner more delicious water with the Multipure Stainless Steel MP750SB Under Sink Water Filter. It is tested and certified to reduce a wide range of contaminants of health concern. This versatile unit can sit on the cabinet floor or be  mounted on the cabinet wall with a bracket.  The system uses its own chrome designer faucet which is installed directly on your sink, requiring little space. It may be connected to an icemaker using an icemaker tee, and it may be converted to a countertop unit with the purchase of a conversion kit.

Multipure ® NSF Certified Drinking Water Systems   Lifetime Warranty       http://www.multipureusa.com/callen

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