EPA’s Analytical Methods and Laboratory Certification

Safe Drinking Water Act

Public water systems must demonstrate that their water meets health based standards by periodically monitoring for the presence of specific contaminants.
Approved analytical methods must be used when analyzing water samples to meet federal monitoring requirements or to demonstrate compliance with drinking water regulations. EPA reviews and approves methods that can be used.
Laboratories that analyze these compliance samples must be certified by EPA or the State. EPA carries out a program to ensure that laboratories are certified as qualified to conduct analyses on drinking water samples.

  • Basic Information – This page provides information on the programs carried out to ensure quality of drinking water analyses.
  • Analytical Methods – This page provides information on methods approved by EPA for drinking water analysis.
  • Laboratory Certification – This page provides information on EPA’s certification program and provides links to state certification officers.
  • Expedited Method Approval – This page provides information on how EPA will approve new methods outside of the traditional rule-making process.

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