Multi-Pure Corporation

Multi-Pure Corporation From its corporate headquarters building located in Las Vegas, Nevada, Multi-Pure's management team oversees the manufacture and worldwide distribution of its solid carbon block filters and drinking water treatment devices. The conscientious, experienced staff has high standards and is dedicated to meeting the needs of all its customers throughout the world. Company History … Continue reading Multi-Pure Corporation

Planet Earth & Multi-Pure

Multi-Pure Drinking Water SystemsMulti-Pure Corporation was “green” long before it was fashionable to be so!  For 40 years Multi-Pure has manufactured drinking water systems that help provide solutions to environmental problems such as plastic water bottles, harmful contaminants, and the careless waste of precious resources.  We’re proud of the “green” products we manufacture, using materials … Continue reading Planet Earth & Multi-Pure

Why Aren’t Food Preservatives Listed Under a Heading "Preservatives"

Chart of  food additives to avoidHere is a new list with identifying code numbers of the nasty food additives that we should avoid eating. Artificial food preservatives, food colors and flavour enhancers The Twinkie: Ingredients RevealedBy: Kate Thorp (View Profile) Five ingredients come from rocks.This got my attention. However, it only got worse when I discovered that … Continue reading Why Aren’t Food Preservatives Listed Under a Heading "Preservatives"

Water filter Industry

Considering starting your own water filter business? Industry analysts say you’ve made a wise choiceNSF estimates there are 97 companies certified to sell water filtration merchandise, representing over 2,400 products. Spectrum Laboratories also tests products. But sources said there are many other companies offering units that are not tested at all. Industry sources estimate the … Continue reading Water filter Industry


Radionuclide contamination of drinking water is a significant, emerging issue. Until now, manmade radioactivity in drinking water has not been a major problem. Natural sources have been the primary cause of contamination. However, the potential for contamination exists throughout the country as releases from medical facilities or nuclear power plants may wind up in drinking … Continue reading Radionuclides