A New Message From VERONICA

 A New Message From VERONICA 
Appreciate The Journey
     “In the decision to incarnate, it is important to maintain the ability to “like” yourself.
     Everyone has moments in their lives that they are not extremely proud of.  Learning to be aware of the impact those moments have upn your soul defines who you are.
     In that definition, the soulful energy should consider the ability to “like” who they have become.
     Not all paths are easy.  Intersections with other energies not compatible may lead to disillusionment of what physical participation is all about.  It is about the ability to grow and expand in a dense environment in spite of the errors of personal judgement along the way.
     It is important to appreciate the journey.  Each moment offers choice that has an ability to lead to happiness and harmony.
     We caution that breathlessly pursuing the next goal in life while not appreciating the now is counter productive in the large picture participation.
     Every decision, every thought, every error, has brought you to where you are now.  Decide to look at it as a positive.  Take the awareness you now have as the accomplishment of all your physical participations.
     Realize that indeed you are likable and have made progress.
     By doing so you become aligned with your soulful achievements rather than working against them.
     Give yourself a break.  Like who you are and where you have evolved to.  It is the first step in a positive approach to your own advancement.”

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