Multi-Pure vs Brita

 Analysis    Contents1 Abstract2 Background3 Problem statement4 Instructions5 Justifications6 Results7 Conclusions8 Discussion and next steps9 ReferencesMulti-Pure's Aqua Dome Brita's Aquaview Abstract There are several types of water filtration systems on the market for the consumer, but which one shown above is the best for your health, your wallet, and the environment? This page provides an … Continue reading Multi-Pure vs Brita

Appreciating the Physical

 A Message From VERONICA    "Often there is speculation that the physical state is one that should be abandoned or ascended from.  Naturally the whole idea of existence is one of evolution.  It does not simply occur in the physical.     We have heard "whispers" of the incarnated body as it passes from life to life.  Your culture … Continue reading Appreciating the Physical