Irradiation of Food

The process, which consists of striking plant seeds or germplasm by radiation in the form of X-rays, UV waves, heavy-ion beams, gamma rays, essentially "mixes" the genes already existing in genome[Radiation & Your Food, Irradiated Food Risk, Wake Up America Radhia and Peter discuss the effects of treating food with radiation including what it does to antioxidants, … Continue reading Irradiation of Food

Great Pacific Garbage Patch a bigger worry than tsunami debris

Fox News DailyMario Aguilera/Scripps Institution of Oceanography) Tony Barboza Los Angeles Times 10:07 p.m. PDT, June 8, 2012 Debris from the Japanese tsunami is starting to wash ashore on the West Coast in a big way.Beachcombers from Northern California to Alaska are finding fishing floats, soccer balls and ships that have drifted thousands of miles … Continue reading Great Pacific Garbage Patch a bigger worry than tsunami debris

The life cycle of the Grasshopper

Grasshopper InformationReturn to previous pagePhylum, Arthropoda; Class, Insecta; Order, OrthopteraIdentifying FeaturesAppearance (Morphology)    •    Brown, with some darker markings    •    Black herringbone pattern on hind femur    •    Big hind legs for jumping    •    2 pairs of wings: forewings narrow and relatively hard; hind wings large, membranous    •    Antennae not very long, 20-24 segments    •    Conspicuous eyes    … Continue reading The life cycle of the Grasshopper