Great Pacific Garbage Patch a bigger worry than tsunami debris

Mario Aguilera/Scripps Institution of Oceanography)

Debris from the Japanese tsunami is starting to wash ashore on the West Coast in a big way.
Beachcombers from Northern California to Alaska are finding fishing floats, soccer balls and ships that have drifted thousands of miles across the Pacific
Ocean after being dragged to sea by the March
                                                                                    2011 tsunami –
Tangled net and plastics such as these make up        
much of the enourmous Great Pacific Garbage

Project to Clean Up North Pacific Garbage Patch

Even a Harley-Davidson motorcycle that was traced back to a tsunami survivor.Authorities this week confirmed the largest arrival yet: A 66-foot-dock that floated onto a beach near Newport, Ore.
Can we clean up the Garbage Patch!
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Multipure Drinking Water Systems

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