What Do Multipure Water Filter Systems Do

About Multipure drinking water Filters and what the drinking water filters do?

All of Multipure filter systems have excellent performance.  Multipure water filtration systems for home include Aquadome, Aquaversa, Aquaperform, and Aquacomplete.

They are designed to reduce a wider range of water contaminants than most brands. The MP750 filter cartridges can get rid of

VOCs plus other contaminants of health concern.

MP750 filter CB6 is installed in each of
Aquaversa systems. 

MP Aquadome (MPAD) has a CB6AD filter 

Aquaperform comes with MP880 cartridge filter to filter
everything MP750 can do plus Arsenic V reduction.

The AquaRO comes with the RO membrane that can filter Chromium 6, Fluoride, Herbicides, Radium, radioactive materials and other waterborne cancer-causing chemicals. The pre and post filters are the MP750. 
Click to download the Multipure Filters Performance Data Sheet (PDF)


MPAD Aquadome
Multipure Aquaperform

Multipure AquaRO MP750PlusRO

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