Portland Boil Water Notice


To Our Friends and Colleagues in Oregon,
As many of you may know, Portland issued a Boil Water Notice over the past weekend, from July 21 through July 22, due to evidence of bacterial contamination in the water supply. Although the notice has since been lifted*, Multipure would like to provide the following information to our valued Distributors and customers:

1.      Because Multipure filters are designed for microbiologically safe water, they should NOT be solely relied upon to provide safer drinking water during a Boil Water Notice. Our filters reduce a wide range of contaminants, but the filtered water should also be boiled during this type of situation.

2.      With the lifting of this notice, we recommend that our customers in the affected areas change out their filters and completely sanitize their systems (hoses, housing, faucet, etc.).

3.      To help facilitate this, Multipure is offering a 20% discount on one (1) new filter cartridge for each customer’s system in the affected areas.

*For additional information on the lifting of the Boil Water Notice, visit http://www.portlandoregon.gov/water/59137.
Thank you for your continued support and patronage.
Kenton Jones
Assistant Vice President of Marketing


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