How to cook spinach and silverbeet to reduce oxalic acid

It really sent me into a spin recently when I read over at Healthy Home Economist that it's best not to eat spinach and silverbeet raw. Whaaat? Why?Apparently because they contain oxalic acid, which "blocks iron and calcium absorption and may contribute to the formation of kidney stones."*UPDATED: I was so gutted about this, but … Continue reading How to cook spinach and silverbeet to reduce oxalic acid

Oxalate: 4 Reasons to Avoid It

June 19, 2012 · 24 comments Oxalate and oxalic acid are organic acids that come from three primary sources: the diet, from fungus such as Aspergillus, Penicillium and possibly Candida, and they also come from metabolic processes in the body. Oxalates are very powerful oxidants that initiate free radicals. I’ve talked about oxidants and anti-oxidants … Continue reading Oxalate: 4 Reasons to Avoid It

Multipure’s Master Class

Opportunity CallingStarting this September, Multipure wants you to start your week with energy, excitement, and knowledge! Every Monday, beginning September 10, Mondays are now Master Class Mondays, with FREE corporate training conference calls!This is your chance to learn more about the Multipure Business Opportunity and your chance to gain the knowledge and techniques to take … Continue reading Multipure’s Master Class