Water filter buying guide Consumer Reports

Water filter buying guide Consumer ReportsRecommended water filters Recommended water filters are standout choices with high scores. They include CR Best Buys, which offer exceptional value. When narrowing your choices, weigh features, price, and attributes that matter to you. Recommended water filters RecommendedBuying GuideRatings A flood of new water filters—everything from simple carafes to permanently … Continue reading Water filter buying guide Consumer Reports

Fluoride and Water and Kids

KidsHealth> Parents> Growth & Development> Feeding & Eating> Fluoride and Water PrintAAA Text SizeWhat's in this article? (click to view)   ListenKeeping kids' teeth healthy requires more than just daily brushing. During a routine well-child exam, you may be surprised to find the doctor examining your child's teeth and asking you about your water supply. … Continue reading Fluoride and Water and Kids

Careers Jobs with Multipure Eco Friendly Company

CareersInterested in pursuing a rewarding career working for an eco-friendly company that improves people's lives? Would you like to work for a company dedicated to cleaner water and better health? For information on careers at Multipure, contact:  Jarom RoskelleyHuman Resources and Safety Manager  Multipure International7251 Cathedral Rock Dr.jroskelley@multipure.com800.622.9206Spanish Site Products Home About Us Community Science

Inactive and Abandoned Mine Lands

Contact Us  |  Media Center  |  Jobs  |  Site Map  |  Questions & Answers  |  Privacy Policy  |  Español  |  Discover Pass Advanced Search HOME RECREATION & PUBLIC INFORMATION BUSINESS & PERMITS SCIENCE & ENVIRONMENT CONTACT DNR ABOUT DNR Conservation & Restoration Geology & Earth Sciences Aquatic & Marine Sciences Forestry, Forest Health & Forest … Continue reading Inactive and Abandoned Mine Lands

Your Letters Helped Save Zimbabwe Elephants From Chinese Zoos!

Last week we asked you to contact officials of Zimbabwe to stop the export of baby elephants to zoos in China. Give yourselves a pat on the back, because your letters worked! On January 21, the Washington Post reported that five baby elephants who were to be shipped to Chinese zoos have been returned to … Continue reading Your Letters Helped Save Zimbabwe Elephants From Chinese Zoos!

Support Hawaiian Bill To Ban Dog, Cat, And Horse Meat

Support Hawaiian Bill To Ban Dog, Cat, And Horse MeatPlease ask two influential Hawaiian State Senators to pass Senate Bill 197, which criminalizes the killing of dogs, cats, and horses for human consumption as a class B felony.This bill would make it illegal to: possess, sell, buy, give away, transport, or import any companion animal … Continue reading Support Hawaiian Bill To Ban Dog, Cat, And Horse Meat

ProArgi9 Frequently Asked Questions

ProArgi-9 Plus  |  Other Products  |  Quality Assurance  |  General Should I drink ProArgi-9 Plus with or without food? Should I mix ProArgi-9 Plus with hot or cold water? I have milk allergies and I see that ProArgi-9 Plus contains casein. Can I still take it? Can children take ProArgi-9 Plus? I have blood sugar concerns. Can I take ProArgi-9 Plus? … Continue reading ProArgi9 Frequently Asked Questions

They’re Here! Grape ProArgi-9+ Single Serves

Wednesday, January 16, 2013 The wait is over. Grape has joined the Single Serving Party, ready to mix into the water nearest you. Single Serve Packets are convenient. They’re easy to share and to pack in your pocket. For years, only Mixed Berry and Citrus Berry ProArgi-9+ have been available in Single Serve Packets, while patient, … Continue reading They’re Here! Grape ProArgi-9+ Single Serves