ProArgi9 Frequently Asked Questions

ProArgi-9 Plus  |  Other Products  |  Quality Assurance  |  General Should I drink ProArgi-9 Plus with or without food?
Should I mix ProArgi-9 Plus with hot or cold water?
I have milk allergies and I see that ProArgi-9 Plus contains casein. Can I still take it?
Can children take ProArgi-9 Plus?
I have blood sugar concerns. Can I take ProArgi-9 Plus?
What types of sweeteners are used in ProArgi-9 Plus?
Is the fructose in ProArgi-9 Plus Mixed Berry safe?
Is the formulation of ProArgi-9 Plus the same in the US and Europe?
Will ProArgi-9 Plus affect my blood pressure levels?
How will ProArgi-9 Plus affect my athletic performance?
Where does Synergy get the arginine and citrulline found in ProArgi-9 Plus?
How quickly should I drink ProArgi-9 Plus after mixing it with water?
ProArgi-9 Plus contains vitamin K—can I take it if I’m also taking blood thinners?
Why does ProArgi-9 Plus contains vitamin K2 instead of K1?
Is ProArgi-9 Plus suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
Does the red wine extract in ProArgi-9 Plus contain alcohol?
ProArgi-9 Plus seems to give me diarrhea and gas—is that normal?
Can I give ProArgi-9 Plus to my pets?
How should I store ProArgi-9 Plus?

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