Your Letters Helped Save Zimbabwe Elephants From Chinese Zoos!

Last week we asked you to contact officials of Zimbabwe to stop the export of baby elephants to zoos in China. Give yourselves a pat on the back, because your letters worked! On January 21, the Washington Post reported that five baby elephants who were to be shipped to Chinese zoos have been returned to the wild. According to the report, “state parks and wildlife officials agreed on their release … and the capture of wild animals for zoos or similar habitats, irrespective of location, is expected to be stopped.”
This marks the second time your letters helped stop the transfer of Zimbabwe’s wildlife. In 2010, you convinced Zimbabwe to halt the sale of elephants, giraffes, zebras, and other wildlife to a zoo in North Korea.
While IDA is glad these five elephants will be spared from a life of misery in Chinese zoos, there are reports that at least two other baby elephants are still being held for export, and dozens more could be snatched from the wild to fulfill international “orders” for wild elephants. So it’s unknown whether Zimbabwe, and other countries in Africa, are sincere about ending the capture and export of wild animals for zoos. Stay tuned for updates.

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