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The Black Hats travel the time stream and it is from this sect that the Oracles to the Dali Lama are chosen. What he describes sounds very much like that already described in Atlantis –the huge crystal obelisk erected that sent out energy pulses that kept everything subdued, but black as portrayed once again in 2001: A Space Odyssey:

“We use holograms for a great deal. . . All this stores millions of giga-bytes at a subatomic level. The computers themselves look like black stone blocks, which can only be described as being bio-computers.

“The use of these devices has been greatly limited however, because of their great misuse and because these computers were used to mark much of the population and to kill and destroy many people in your coming time. We have opted more for the development of the human mind and the human soul and spirit. We interact with these devices, and they certainly make things easier for us on certain occasions, however, we prefer using our own talents and abilities.

“Look at this! It’s awful and I am publicizing it hoping to bring them out into the open! Why does Google allow this? Google geeks go get em'”. Google join the groups with integrity!

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