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Transform the soul first, then transformation of every aspect of life will follow.
Master Zhi Gang Sha
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Dear one,
This is the fourth newsletter of Divine Florida Soul Power News, a newsletter that will go out to all those on the Be Healed Within mailing list every Thursday.  This newsletter is to inform you of the many services that Florida has to offer you each week to advance your Soul journey via Soul Power.  We are very blessed to have Master Ellen Logan, Divine Channel and Disciple of Master Sha with us in Florida at this time and many other Divine soul healing teachers, healers, and masters offering events, workshops, and classes.  

Past News:
Workshops in St. Augustine, Deland and Ocala; This past week Master Ellen Logan, our Divine Channel and Disciple of Master Zhi Gang Sha here in Florida, blessed many new beautiful souls who found Soul Healing and the power of their own souls for the first time in her powerful workshops. There were lots of tears of joy and relief, visions of healing and past lives seen by participants.  It was a week to embrace to see so many participants walk away from the workshops with love in their hearts, and peace and harmony seeming to surround them, as they stepped through the threshold back out into the world.

We want to thank universal servants Dwight Briggs, Terry McNerney, and Patricia Dickenson for their unconditional universal service at these events.

The Open Spiritual Channels Workshop was a great success at the Kashi Ashram in Sebastian, Florida.  The weekend was divinely blessed with the spirits of the natural surroundings there and perfect for opening one’s spiritual channels, soul language and translation.  Master Ellen’s love, intuition, gifts and treasures, and compassion were ever-present throughout the workshop, and with her guidance and the transmissions given, all were able to open their Soul Language Translation Channels quite easily.  It was an amazing weekend full of many “aha” moments for all.  All participants felt extremely blessed to be a part of this workshop.  You can see a picture of some of the happy participants from the Open Spiritual Channels Workshop above. Also a photo (above)of Master Ellen serving Dennis Debiase with a Divine Soul Mind Body Healing and Tranmission System.

Thank you to unconditional universal servants Marsha Valutis and Flavia Cipollaro for their service at this workshop.

Future News:
Master Ellen is returning in March for more powerful, transformative events. You can find a listing of these events on www.BeHealedWithin.com and on our facebook: Love Peace Harmony Daytona Beach.

Become a Divine Healing Hands Soul Healer March 22-24th in Daytona Beach, Florida, with Master Ellen Logan live and Master Sha via webcast.  The Divine Healing Hands Training Program is a unique and revolutionary program only offered though Master Sha’s Worldwide Representatives. Divine Healing Hands are Divine’s soul hands. Divine Healing Hands carry Divine’s healing power to heal and transform every aspect of life. As Divine Channels, Master Sha or his Worldwide Representatives will transmit Divine Healing Hands to you during the Divine Healing Hands: Develop Your Soul Healing Power workshop. Instantly, you will be empowered to offer Divine Healing Hands soul healing blessings to self-heal and to help others to transform physical conditions, emotional conditions, as well as relationships, business and finances. For more information, www.divinehealinghands.com or www.behealedwithin.com or call Geho at 386-341-6260.

BEGINNING THIS MONDAY-Join Master Ellen Logan FREE teleconference call- every Monday evening– Starting  March 4th– 8-9pm. Call 805-360-1000.  Code 406120#.  Mark your calendars.  For beginners and advanced students. For everyone!

Master Sha’s Soul Power Groups throughout Florida-find out where a weekly group is close to you-Daytona, Ormond Beach, Deland, Orlando, Coral Springs, Delray, Melbourne, Ocala- go to www.BeHealedWithin.com.

Free Service with Master Sha:
Please check out all of the things you can do with Master Sha FREE on www.drsha.com.  Make sure you are on the home page and click on Free Divine Services at the bottom of the page. If you are having difficulty registering for any of the services on www.drsha.com, please contact any of us (below) to assist you.

Information for DHH Soul Healers:

11am Weekly DHH Teleconference Call  is continuing every Saturday with Master Ellen, Geho Gold, and Marsha Valutis. 805-360-1000. Code 406120#
Daily 8am Energy Center Practice with Geho Gold and Marsha Valutis – for all DHH Soul Healers -8am to 9am- 7 mornings a week.  Call 805-360-1000. Code 406120#

Contact Information:
We love you.  We want to connect with each and every one of you.  If you feel you have lost connection with us, please pick up the phone and call:
No. Florida             Geho Gold: 386-341-6260  SoulHealingFlorida@gmail.com
Brevard County     Marsha Valutis 321-749-1084  marshakim@@hotmail.com
So.  Florida             Pamela Carmo 808-264-9289  pamelaheartsoul@gmail.com

Please refer to www.BeHealedWithin.com, Florida’s main website, for more specifics on what you read in this newsletter.
Also, please visit our facebook page at Love Peace Harmony Daytona Beach.

We are very blessed, and grateful beyond words, to Master Ellen for the love and blessings that she has offered all the souls here in Florida in her first visit this past 3 weeks.  We are grateful to the Divine, the Tao, and Master Sha for blessing the state of Florida with one of his beautiful Divine Channels.

We are sending you love, peace and harmony.
Your Soul Healing Family of Florida

Copyright © 2013 Be Healed Within, All rights reserved.
You are receiving this information as you attended a Soul Healing Event in the past and requested to be on the Soul Healing Email List. Our events and workshops are very transformative and healing for all souls, and are to create oneness, love peace and harmony on mother earth. Blessings.
Our mailing address is:

Be Healed Within

20A Oriole Circle

Ormond Beach, FL 32176

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