Online Jam Sessions

Online Jam Sessions,

This is a great way to jam with other musicians on line.
I just recorded this today. Hope you like it and hope you can access it.

Having trouble catching people to Jam with?

Here is one of the best ways to catch someone:
Click here , This will bring up a popup window that keeps track of all who come on the site. From there you can choose to catch them right then by clicking the IM icon and setup a jam with them in the Jam Room or use that IM to Jam one on one.
Also at the top of this popup you will notice a “get desktop”, if you click on that it will download the same window that will always stay on top of all your webpages as you’re surfing.
There are so many tools to use at OJS There is no reason people can’t hookup! Worst case, just hangout in the Jam room till people show up. Everyone is on different schedules and time zones so be patient.

3 thoughts on “Online Jam Sessions

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