Multipure Drinking Water

Back from a long run or a hot trip in the car, you reach for a glass and fill it up with cool and satisfying water from your Multipure water machine, taking it in big gulps because you don’t have to worry about faulty filtration systems or unwanted chemicals. A greener lifestyle is completely achievable with Multipure, where you can enjoy the satisfaction and peace of mind that comes with drinking water that is properly filtered. Multipure, is a privately owned American company that has been in the business of providing clean drinking water filtration systems for more than thirty years.

As a distributor of Mulitpure water filtration systems, we at Crystal Clean Drinking Water understand what truly delicious and pure water tastes like. Multipure has an exclusive Solid Carbon Block filter that reduces a wide range of contaminants without removing the beneficial minerals in the water as well. Multipure systems reduce MTBE, chlorine, PCBs, heavy metals and numerous other contaminants. Just attach a Multipure filter to the underside of your sink or countertop and transform your kitchen into a source for cleaner, more delicious, healthy water whenever you want it. We truly do have one of the best water filtration systems available. We are NSF Certified for more contaminants than any other filtration system.

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