Multipure Tour Dates Taste the Difference Go Blue With Multipure

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More Go Blue With Multipure Tour Dates
This year, Multipure kicks off the Blue Revolution with its “Go Blue with Multipure” opportunity tour! We want to heighten water awareness and let people know the benefits of drinking cleaner, better, Multipure water and exploring the opportunities of Multipure Distributorship. Multipure’s Vice President of Network Marketing, Regina M. Noriega, Assistant Vice President of Marketing, Kenton Jones, and Director of Marketing, Michele Priest, are partnering with Distributor Leaders across the country to bring you a message of hope, health, and happiness through Multipure’s superior products and Multipure’s exceptional business opportunity. So check it out, and let the world know that 2013 is the year of the Blue Revolution, and the year to Go Blue with Multipure!
At our Go Blue with Multipure Meetings, you can:
  Listen to exciting, inspiring, and informative Multipure Executives
   and Distributor Leaders!
  Hear the latest news about Multipure’s products and opportunity!  Attend educational and motivational Multipure University classes!
We invite you to Go Blue with Multipure, in:
Agoura Hills, CA on July 13, 2013
$19.95 per person*

Sandy, UT on August 17, 2013
$29.95 per person*

New York, NY on September 28, 2013
$9.95 per person

Portland, OR on October 12, 2013
$29.95 per person*

Contact Renee Rendon via email at or at 800.622.9206.
*These meetings are “Super Saturdays” that include both the opportunity meeting and Multipure
University training, making them an investment in both your business and yourself! The entry fee
applies as an equal-value credit towards the purchase of a Multipure drinking water system,
Starter Kits and replacement filters. Equal value credit cannot be applied to sales aids
and promotional items. Refreshments will be provided at these meetings.

2 thoughts on “Multipure Tour Dates Taste the Difference Go Blue With Multipure

  1. I bought an aquaversa from multipure love it! its funny i don't have to change filter that often. Other people i know have to change one a month while i only change filter once a year..

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