MSNBC …Food Democracy Now! shared a link.
Genetically modified wheat mysteriously found in farm!

Federal authorities are scrambling to find out how genetically modified wheat created by biotech giant Monsanto ended up in an Oregon wheat farm. Dave Murphy, the founder of “Food Democracy Now!” discusses. Watch here

Now that we are starting to focus on the...

Mary Ellen Persuit 12:16pm May 31
Now that we are starting to focus on the poisoning of our food supply …the next question would be ….HOW IS FRACKING AFFECTING IT !! ….my friend Kathy from Oklahoma shared this on my link the other day ….. Here in Oklahoma, they run these TV ads about how the farmers need the money from fracking, in order to run their farms. They play it out real “sad” like. But I’ll tell you what is “sad”. After they drill a well, they pay these farmers, (land owners) to let them dump their oil field cuttings onto their land. Everyday you see farmers out there tilling this black mud into the ground. This is toxic, radioactive stuff, AND THEY ARE GRAZING CATTLE ON IT, and then selling these same cattle at the meat markets. Not only are they polluting the ground and water with their fracking waste, they are lying, trying to make people feel sorry for these farmers, like if they don’t get the money from fracking, they will lose their business. Well it’s not about their business, it’s about greed. They don’t NEED that money, they SELL OUT to the oil companies, for profits. Sad, Sad, when common people don’t have anymore sense than to buy into this crap they try and feed us on the six o’clock news.

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