This will be the first Full Moon of the Golden Age. The Energy is conducive to Spiritual Enlightenment.
It is a time that one can come close to enlightenment. On July 22 join the Guru meditation. This is a very powerful time for us all.

2012 Guru Purnima Navaratri yagya festival: June 20 – 28
22 Pandits performing Durga Puja yagya in 3 celebrated temples for 9 days: Kaamakhya Kali Temple in
Guwahati, Assam,
Ma Shardaa Saraswathi temple in Maihar, Madhya Pradesh; Mansa Devi Laksmi temple in Haridwar

There are 4 Navaratris each year (9 nights of Mother Divine). Activation of Shakti or Nature’s organizing power in our lives is the common underlying thread uniting these festivals.

Apart from this underlying reality, each Navaratri has a particular theme of its own. This coming Navaratri running June 20 – 28 culminates in Guru Purnimah – day of the Guru or full moon of Guru Dev (beloved spiritual teacher) on July 3. Guru Purnima is the day when the Guru’s influence is most lively and accessible.

So this June Navaratri, culminating in Guru Purnima, is one of the most auspicious windows to cultivate the influence of Guru in our life. This means everything good: enlightenment, true happiness, wisdom, true love, devotion, loyalty, life partner, family & children, and life lived in accord with natural law: dharma & destiny.

In spiritual life, Guru connects us with God, so in that respect he is the bringer
of life’s bounties. In whatever area God’s grace touches our life – this is often due to the influence
of Guru. Guru Purnimah Navaratri is one of the best times to perform yagya to cultivate and strengthen
qualities, as well as infusing our lives with shakthi or nature’s organizing power.

By taking part in this Guru Purnimah Navaratri yagya festival you will infuse your life with shakthi
or nature’s organizing power along with cultivating and strengthening the qualities of the Guru.
This will generate a powerful momentum for progress and success on all levels: inner and outer – happiness,
fulfillment, material affluence, harmonious relationships.

 This wave of wholeness rolls through your life,
your family, your community & the world nourishing all beings at every level of creation.

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