The Healthiest Water to Drink

Reverse Osmosis is the Healthiest Water to Drink
Fluoride was used by Stalin and Hitler and Hitler’s Gauleiters to make those in the camps docile and infertile.
Fluoride has an instant impact on your brain.
Chlorine, chloride, was called chlorine gas to murder those in the camps. This what is in your drinking water.
If you feel dizzy and nausea when taking a shower it is not because the water is goo hot.  The shower head cuts open the water molecules and the water turns into gas thus turning your shower into a chlorine gas chamber. You need a shower filter that takes out chlorine.
There are 256 chemicals  and radiation found in our drinking water.
When drinking RO water 6-8 glasses, at least, a day add Himalayan pink salt with trace minerals. 
For the healthiest way to get your minerals Youngevity’s Tangy Orange is a Complete Multi-Vitamin Mineral Complex With Amino Acids .
It’s not easy to take back a healthy body, What is more important than your health?

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