What Do Multipure Water Filter Systems Do

About Multipure drinking water Filters and what the drinking water filters do?

Multipure is the industry leader, a pioneer in drinking water treatment,
and it possesses the integrity and credibility due to intensive
internal quality assurance confirmed by the rigorous scrutiny of NSF.All of Multipure filter systems have excellent performance.  Multipure water
filtration systems for home include Aquadome, Aquaversa,
Aquaperform, and Aquacomplete.

Multipure’s innovative filter technology provides exceptional
performance. The proof lies in the products’ certification by NSF
International to reduce a wide range of contaminants that affect both
the healthfulness and the aesthetics of water. Multipure Drinking Water
Systems reduce MTBE, chlorination byproducts, PCBs, chloramine, VOCs,
heavy metals, and numerous other contaminants. Multipure Drinking Water
Systems consistently meet the high standards and needs of its customers
all across the world.
MP750 filter CB6 is installed in each of Aquaversa Systems


The Multipure Aquaversa is a durable, stainless-steel water filter with
the versatility to work on the countertop or below the sink. It provides
all the taste and health benefits of Multipure filtered water, in a
sturdy, easy-to-install package
Multipure Aquaversa750SB

The Multipure Aquadome countertop unit provides all the taste and health
benefits of Multipure filtered water, in a pleasant, white plastic
dome. The Aquadome sits atop the counter and connects directly to the
existing faucet. It is operated with a convenient diverter valve.

MP Aquadome 
 (MPAD) has a CB6AD filtersite-aquadome

The Multipure Aquaperform not only reduces the wide range of
contaminants screened by standard Multipure filters, but also reduces
the presence of Arsenic in the drinking water. It is a high performance
filter unit in a durable, stainless-steel casing.
Aquaperform comes with MP880 cartridge filter to filter
MP750 can do plus Arsenic V reduction.

Multipure Aquaperform

The Multipure AquaRO combines Multipure’s advanced solid carbon block
filter with reverse-osmosis filter technology, resulting in our most
complete water filtration system available. Because of its size and
complexity, the AquaRO can only connect below the sink; the install kit
is included.

Multipure AquaRO MP750PlusRO


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