The Risk of Lead in Drinking water

Lead parts per billion

Lead In Drinking Water by Carole Allen

The problem of lead in water is not isolated alone to Flint Michigan. Anyone living in a house with that was built before 1978 is under risk as lead was used in pipes up to that time. There is no safe level for lead in drinking water. 
Your public water may not have lead in it but when it leaves the water treatment plant but because of the aging infrastructure, the pipes and the pipes leading up to your dwelling may have lead in them and other contaminating substances in them.
Lead poisoning is life threatening, it can cause kidney failure. heart disease, high blood pressure, cognitive function and ADHA in children.
You can find out if you have lead toxicity with a simple lead blood test. If you to have lead poisoning it is best to treat it quickly because the longer it is in your system the more difficult it is to remove. Damage may be irreparable to seniors or children. 
The best way to remove lead from you system is to get chelation therapy which will draw lead out of the tissues. It is helpful to take buffered ascorbic acid to help remove the lead and vitamin E in high doses and vitamin D3 to prevent your bones from releasing the lead into your system. Gel lots of calcium, iron and foods rich in these nutrients. Infrared sauna therapy may be helpful as it helps detoxify your body. Benonite Clay has been used for centuries to pull out heavy metals from your system. Chlorophyll will assist in cleansing your blood as well.
What happened in Flint is a disaster. Parents are afraid to bathe their children in the water and until the pipe lines are fixed there is a potential danger of lead poisoning. The easiest way to ensure that you are not getting lead in your drinking water is by using a Drinking Water Filtration System. Multipure has been certified to reduce lead from .150mg/L to .010mg/L or less.


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