All About Lead Poisining


By Carole Allen

Lead is one of the oldest metals on the planet, it never goes away. Lead dating is used for dating and analyzing geological samples as old as the earth. We began producing lead in 3000 BC. The Romans used it for water pipes and added it to wine to sweeten it even though they were aware of the dangers to their health and the insanity it caused.  Known as “plumbism” it was thought to be responsible for the madness of the Roman Emperors and the infertility of Julius Caesar. He was extremely sexually active but only bore one child. Some say the fall of the Roman Empire was due to lead in the drinking water. During the Renaissance lead was used by the Catherine de Medici for a slow poison on those who got in her way, known then as poudre de la succession, “succession powder”. 
Fast forward to the 20th century and we began using it in gasoline, building construction, paint, pesticides, plastics, pipes, cans for canned foods, batteries, bullets and is used today in dentist’s offices is a radiation shield in the heavy apron. 
Its use was favored by the automobile industry because it reduced engine knock. DuPont, GM, Standard Oil (Exxon) continued to use it in dangerous levels from 1925 to 1978 for profit while aware of the toxic effects. By hiring physicians to say it was non toxic they were able to continue its use. It has been estimated that 68 million children were exposed to lead in toxic levels for 1927 to 1987. Knowing all they do about the toxicity, they still sell it to third world countries. 


Lead doesn’t break down or go away. It is always with us and all that lead is still in the air, our bodies, water and the soil. Lead effects the nervous system, causes gastrointestinal ailments, and brain dammage, among other things. No matter what we do we can’t get rid of it and the best we can do is make sure it isn’t in our drinking water. In order to do that we need a Drinking Water System that reduces lead to the finest microns.

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