Multipure’s Pure Foundation Offers Direct Aid to Puerto Rico

In early October, Multipure’s Pure Foundation sent a team to Puerto Rico to provide aid and assistance to the people affected by the devastation of Hurricane Maria. The storm destroyed water, power, and communication infrastructure throughout the island, leaving many without access to basic necessities.

Drinking water is a particularly difficult challenge for tens of thousands of Puerto Ricans; although Puerto Rico is a tropical island, and surface water is plentiful, nearly all of it has been contaminated by the storm. A mixture of industrial pollutants, agricultural runoff, and human waste have spread throughout water sources and left the drinking water supply in crisis.

Fortunately, this environment could be ideally serviced by a specialty system provided by the Pure Foundation, the WaterBox. A completely portable, solar-powered water purification system, the WaterBox utilizes the same purification technology as the Multipure Aqualuxe, allowing it to convert thousands of gallons of even the most questionable water supplies into clean, safe drinking water. Multipure’s Pure Found delivered WaterBox systems to branches of the Boys and Girls Clubs in the towns of Bayamon, Las Margaritas, and Isabella, and set up additional WaterBox systems in the towns of Caguas and Naranjito.

Through these efforts, Multipure’s Pure Foundation worked to alleviate some of the suffering of those affected by Hurricane Maria, and remains committed to providing ongoing assistance to the people of Puerto Rico.

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