Water Pollution –

Water Polution Kept SecretPub: May 24, 2011Energy Drillers Keep Water Pollution Disclosures SecretCONSUMER WATCH - The surge in energy company drilling for deep-rock natural gas has generated a matching surge in complaints of water contamination, including faucets pouring out so much methane gas that you can light it (video) with a match.The drillers, who include … Continue reading Water Pollution –

Missippi River Flooding Pollutes Water

Missippi River Flooding Pollutes Water Mississippi River Flooding Carries Health Risks With the flood waters continuing to cascade down the Mississippi River, expanding its normal horizons, we don’t know final extent of flooding though what we do know is that flood waters can have catastrophic effects on the health and safety of both residents and … Continue reading Missippi River Flooding Pollutes Water