What’s the problem with Chlorine and Chloramine

Sherry J. Clift

June 21 at 5:14 PM · 

Would you knowingly drink ammonia or pour it on your body? NO! But that’s exactly what you are doing when you aren’t filtering your water. When you bathe, or shower in tap water, your skin, which is your largest organ, is absorbing these toxins and it’s going directly to your blood stream.

When you cook pasta, or rice, or beans, or oatmeal, or broccoli, etc., the chlorine/chloramine is absorbed into those foods and you are eating concentrated toxins and feeding them to your family. When you don’t filter your water, YOU are the filter.

Ever wonder why more and more people seem to have allergies and autoimmune disorders these days? It’s because our bodies are inundated with toxins from all sources.

Can we eliminate everything from our environment? No.
Are there ways to minimize the risks? Yes. Filtering your drinking water and installing a whole house system are two easy ways to help. It’s up to you.

Multipure drinking water systems are CERTIFIED by NSF to reduce more contaminants than any other drinking water system.  The Whole House System is $1700. Use this link for more information  Multipure Aquasource.


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