Tips for Online Marketing

Online Marketing shakes up ad industry
Online marketing has opened a new door for advertising, which has led to a thriving online advertising industry.
The challenge for advertisers is that the world of online purchase and placement can sometimes be quite daunting to navigate and secure the best deals. Often, advertisers do not know where their money is going and how to evaluate their return on investment.
Performance-based affiliate marketing offers a solution to this challenge, and is starting to shake up traditional online advertising sales.
Once advertisers have experienced the benefits of this model there is no going back.
Tips for Online Marketing 

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing is the key to your online promotion efforts. Yes, there are other avenues of marketing, but search engine marketing is where you will succeed or fail.

Search Engine Marketing

Search engine marketing comes down to two areas, pay-per-click and search engine optimization. If you can master both of these areas, you are going to be so far ahead of the competition that it will not be funny. Well, at least for your competitors. Following you will find some general articles on the subject as well as specific articles on pay-per-click and search engine optimization.

Buy Targeted Web Site Traffic

Not all traffic is the same. Getting a gazillion hits is great, but not if it is from random subjects. Sometimes it makes sense to buy targeted web site traffic.

Buy Targeted Web Site Traffic

Many sites make the mistake of trying to be all things to all people. It is far better to stick to a specific service or product than it is to offer limited options to customers. If you are selling hiking gear, be the best damn hiking gear site on the net and nothing else. This same problem arises when sites target traffic generation strategies.
The key to cost effective marketing is to get targeted web site traffic. At first blush, getting as much traffic as possible, regardless of how, sounds like a smart move. It is not. Doing so wastes your money, distracts you from what you should be doing and diverts your time from doing just that. If you are paying for traffic, you must buy targeted web site traffic with the important word being “targeted.”
Targeted traffic is simply traffic from sources and locations that are relevant to your site. If you have looked into generating traffic, you have probably seen offers of 100,000 hits for $50. Yes, you will get 100,000 hits. Of course, the traffic is coming off of free lottery sites or the visitors are being paid to visit your site. This traffic is not targeted and will not convert into revenues.
The best place to buy targeted web site traffic is Google and Overture. These are pay-per-click search engines that list your ads directly on their search results. This means you can specific the keyword phrases you want to be listed under, to wit, targeting your advertising to your market. You can also create filters that limit the ad placements to searches from certain geographic locations, such as the United States or Europe. This further targets your traffic by excluding clicks from some country which you can’t possibly do business with.
You can also buy targeted traffic from web sites and traffic vendors. The sites handle it differently, but you can often buy ad space on their sites in the form of a banner. There are some credible services out there, but there are a lot more dubious ones. Personally, I would never use any of them, but it is your money.
Targeting your marketing is important if you want a good return on investment. You can buy targeted web site traffic from a lot of sources, but Google and Yahoo are the best.
The first step is to start a blog for your site. You can build a blog on your site or use a free service. I prefer because it is easy to use, but you can use whatever you like. Once you have your blog up, you should make entries that correspond and link to content on your site. For example, I will post this article on my blog, Moshing Search Engines, and link it to the article page on

RSS Feeds

RSS feeds are one of those things that make the internet such a great place. The following articles on RSS feeds will get you up to speed on this recent development in internet marketing.
RSS Feeds
First off, RSS stands for real simple syndication. RSS feeds are essentially a digital method to get your content out to people on a regular basis. In the physical world, many newspapers reprint news they get off the AP wire. Well, RSS feeds perform the same function, except you are providing the news along with links to your site.
To supercharge the impact of the blog, you should also link to a site map on your site. If you don’t have a site map, make one in HTML. The Yahoo robot will definitely follow it and index the pages. Don’t rely on the xml site map strategy Google is promoting.
Once you have the blog up with content posted, you must turn the blog into a real simple syndication feed. Again, you can use your own system. I prefer to use a free service because I really don’t have the time to waste on such things. seems to work find and is simple to use. Opening an account with Feedburner is so easy, I am not even going to explain it. At the end of the process, feedburner will kick out the link for your RSS feed. Here’s where the magic begins.
If you have a yahoo email account, you need to access you’re My Yahoo page. If you don’t have an account, get one! Once you are on the My Yahoo page, do the following:
1. Click the “add content” link in the upper left hand under the search box.
2. When the new page opens, click the “Add RSS by URL” link on the right of the “Find Content” search box in the upper section of the page.
3. Enter the exact link provided by Feedburner and click “add.” Do NOT add the url for your blog.
4. Click the “My Yahoo” tab at the top of the page and refresh the page.

Rank Higher In Search Engines

Higher search engine placement and generating good traffic on a website is not magic, its strategy. Expert link building providers build a link building strategy or popularity program that can get quality traffic to your website. One of the complex areas of search engine optimization is link building. Relevant and quality links to a website boost search engine rankings and generate quality traffic. Avoid unethical linking strategies for website promotion or to improve the link popularity of a website. Employ manual methods and look for link building experts that provide quality, ethical and affordable link building services.

Before starting a link building campaign, carefully analyze the keywords that are required to be targeted. An in-depth study of a website enables you to adopt better link building strategies and fetch great results in terms of increased traffic. Mentioned below are the few strategies that you should follow for effective link building:

Natural Link Building

To provide relevant linking to increase your site’s web positioning. Effective link building can be the deciding factor in beating your competition.

Directory Submission

Carry out manual submissions in directories with high PR (page rank) and submit under relevant category.

Article Writing & Submission

Write articles and manually submit them to high page rank websites with different kinds of anchor texts and descriptions for the important keywords.

Press Release

All you need to do is to craft a good informative Press Release about your product or service and spread it all around the Internet. In order to do so, you have to distribute your press release to a lot of distribution sites.

Social Bookmarking

Social bookmarking submission is now a very powerful tool for SEO experts. The process involves linking sites within various forums, blogs and message boards on social networking websites, blog sites and content centric sites like Digg. This is another effective way to increase your search engine rankings.

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