Marajuana,Intuition, The Mind And Brain

Marijuana And Psychedelic Effects On The Mind And Brain


Sep30-06, 02:48 AM
Seriously, it seems like the cannabis plant is built for the intelligent, inquisitive, imaginative, ect. mind. Not only do my senses, reason, intuition, and imagination expand on marijuana, I also understand science so much more. There is something it does to your logical faculty that makes you understand things your reason couldn’t before using your imagination while high. I have heard in addition of expanding the senses it also heightens the ability of the left and right side of the brain. And it makes science so much more transcendent (as well as the natural world) that so many people lack. Unlike alcohol, it doesn’t really make you slow, stupid, and doesn’t kill brain cells (although looks can be deceiving ;)).

Of course marijuana is a mild psychedelic. According to wiki a psychedelic are;
psychoactive drugs whose primary action is to enhance or amplify the thought processes of the brain. The term is derived from Greek ψυχη (psyche, “mind”) and δηλειν (delein, “to manifest”), or δηλος (delos, “beautiful”).
and are thought to;
disable filters which block or suppress signals related to mundane functions from reaching the conscious mind. These signals are presumed to originate in several other functions of the brain, including but not limited to the senses, emotions, memories and the unconscious (or subconscious) mind. This effect is sometimes referred to as mind expanding, or consciousness expanding as your conscious mind becomes aware of (or sometimes assaulted by) things normally inaccessible to it. At high levels this can overwhelm the sense of self and can result in a dissociative state.

That really says a lot on why it has the ability to improve the brain and perhaps make it more powerful, especially in the face of tough physics problems. From the more powerful psychedelics LSD and psilocybin people have even reported seeing objects in 4+ spatial dimensions. This really says a lot about their power to perhaps help the top minds in physics solve the M-Theory problems (by at least finding some evidence) and apply it to the so called “Theory Of Everything”.

But the only scientist I have ever heard who at least takes in pot is Carl Sagan. I think he did do a good job in his career helping show the public the wonderful world of science. I think Einstein did some too, although I don’t know for sure.

So what do these substances really do to the mind and brain?

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