Types of Water Born Carcinogens

I will start this series of articles by first describing the carcinogens and will later post, in detail, more about them.
Potential Carcinogens that we will deal with in the first series will be arsenic, asbestos, and radionuclides.

Arsencic is a metal used in many industrial process. Several decades ago it polluted many of the nations rivers and its air.

Asbestos , a silica mineral , is a known lung carcinogen and is widley distributed through the environment and can reach drinking water sources through weathering of local geological sites.

Radionuclides. Trace amounts of radium, uranium, and radon appear in drinking water supplies all over the world. Surface waters such as lakes and rivers have the lowest concentrations, whereas private wells have the highest concentrations.

Agricultural runoff containing nitrogen-rich insecticides, herbicides, rodenticides, fertilizers and animal manure has led to a marked increase in groundwater nitrate levels.

Organic Chemicals
. The post-World War 11 industrialization of the U.S. and world economies has led to the introduction of tens of thousands of new chemicals into industry, agriculture, commerce and domestic life.The chemicals that cause the greatest problems are those that contain carbon atoms.

We will discuss carcinogens originating from Water Processing in a later article.

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