This is a wonderful meditation:

With each breath my body becomes more relaxed. 

I will think only positive thoughts. 

Thoughts of the divine.

Thoughts of prosperity, health. 
Peace, love.

I will meditate on the thoughts given here every day.

 I can do anything.

I don’t need to seek, I know 

I don’t need to strive, I am guided,

When the time comes the answers will be given.

The Law of Attraction will bring all things to me.

I am pure spirit and my body is perfect.

I am confidant and serene no matter what seeming obstacle comes my way.

I refuse to accept obstacles as there are no obstacles in the mind of God 

Which is in me and serves me.

I know no limitations no lack. 

Relax knowing this and on the contemplation of good.

I trust and rely on my inner guidance in all my actions and affairs.

The Infinite intelligence that I am will not accept thoughts of negativity and disharmony in friends, fellow workers and loved ones.

They will all be cooperative and assist.

I see others sorrows and when I help them I help myself.

Each day brings me closer to my self realization, and is being accomplished right now.

In my heart and mind is where truth is.

I place my future in divine hands.

I am one with all people, all life and all things.

My friends and enemies are loved in the oneness we all are.

In the center of my soul is peace and quietness.

The things in my life are the manifestation and birth of my thoughts.

Ask and it is given.

Each day is a step to a new journey of oneness with God.

I don’t seek, I know. I don’t strive, I am guided.

I withdraw daily to a place of calm, alone without a body or thought.

I Am one with truth and the Universe. aligned with the goals of God shown to me.

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